Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sinclair Inn Museum Haunted House - Part 3

Tonight was the final night of our Sinclair Inn Museum Haunted House for 2010. I must admit that we have enjoyed this event a great deal. The Haunted House was a great venue to present some of our local folk tales. I am a firm believer that history does not need to be dry dull or boring. With a good group of volunteers and a great deal of imagination we hopefully presented some our history in a entertaining manner. It was also fun to introduce a number of new visitors to the 300 year old Sinclair Inn Museum. While it was not our standard museum interpretation at this time of year, I hope that some of these visitors will feel welcome when we open for business next spring. This building has many more stories to tell.

The pictures in this post were taken over the last few nights of the Haunted House. Thanks to all of the volunteers who helped us make this event possible. While the event is over, I am not quite ready to leave the ghosts and goblins behind. Our friends at the Historic Gardens hosted a Goblets and Goblins event on Friday night. While they were making their last minute arrangements I was able to get some pictures which I will share tomorrow.

All for now,


  1. Awesome event. Very well done! We thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks so much for your efforts. Durline & Alan

  2. I heard about this over on the Bayshore! People said it was "Awesome"! Btw, that first feller looks a wee bit too familiar......

  3. Great set of photos, Ryan! Nice job all 'round. Next year may I wear the Freddie mask?