Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A View from Above

Earlier today I received a phone call from Ken Maher. For those of you who do not know him, Ken is, among other things, the affable man who makes the wooden hammer handles in front of the Sinclair Inn Museum. He was at the museum getting the site ready for winter when he stumbled across something interesting. A local crew were installing a weather station on the top of the old Annapolis Royal Post Office building. The phone call was asking if I would like to go up to have a look at the view.

Now, I have dropped everything for the chance to do something interesting in the past. I have flown in a hot air balloon at Fort Anne on a moment's notice. I have also rushed off to document various local events or houses in some sort of peril. I consider this part of my responsibility to document this generation of Annapolis Royal's history. Yes, this may be a rationalization but it is one that works for me. Unfortunately, I was not free at the moment that Ken called. Today happened to be a day that I needed to get a project completed. With some regret that I would not be able to make the trip to the top of the Post Office, I offered Ken my camera. The photographs in this post came from Ken's trip.

Somewhere within the Annapolis Heritage Society's archival collection are some rooftop pictures taken about 100 years ago. I will try to locate these images since it will be interesting to compare the two sets to see changes in the landscape.

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