Friday, October 8, 2010

Wind, Waves and Tides

Once in a while the wind, waves and tides combine for some interesting photography opportunities in Annapolis Royal. Opportunity must have been knocking today because the elements combined at a point when I was taking my lunch break. I was meeting Trish Fry (also a photographer of some note) from the Historic Gardens for lunch and it did not take much discussion for the two of us to decide to take a wander along the boardwalk to see if we could get some pictures. I should actually say parts of the boardwalk because a good portion of it was under water when we arrived.

In Annapolis Royal we have an average tide of about 29 feet (8.8 meters). This is due to the Annapolis Basin being connected to the Bay of Fundy through the Digby Gut. Of course, the Bay of Fundy features the world's highest tides. If high tide happens to come at a time when there is substantial wind and wave activity we can get some spectacular sea spray. When the tide was at its highest earlier today the waves were starting to lap over the wharf.

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