Monday, November 8, 2010

Annapolis Royal From the Air

I really enjoy a good aerial archival photograph. From this elevated perspective you can see the relationships of buildings on the landscape that is impossible while standing on the ground. Unfortunately, today's archival image is an excellent example of the limitations of what I am able to put online. The scanned version of this image that I am working with is quite a large file (22mb to be precise). With that image I can increase the magnification and get find some very interesting information. This picture gives a tantalizing look into the Annapolis Royal of the 1940s. I can see lumber and rail cars waiting in the area now used as the Farmers' Market. Across the road from the O'Dell House Museum are a series of buildings which have long since vanished. I also found what appears to be a lighthouse upriver in Granville Ferry near where the Parker Mountain Road meets the Granville Road. While it makes sense that there would be one, I am not sure that I realized that there was once a lighthouse in this location. Sadly, I cannot put the large file online for you to examine. This computer program will not allow me to upload anything larger than 7mb. As such, you have an interesting aerial image that would only be improved by zooming in on the details. You will just need to plan a visit with me at the AHS Archives to see the large version.

All for now,


  1. Great photo Ryan. I love all the hills and depressions around Fort Anne.

  2. Several years ago I saw at least one other photo showing a lighthouse in that location. I asked Ralph Wagner about it and he said it was torn down when the causeway was built.

  3. It would logically make sense that the lighthouse would be torn down after the causeway was completed. With the River no longer navigable there was no need for a lighthouse in this location. I hope that a better fate awaits the two remaining lighthouses on the Annapolis Basin.