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Annapolis Royal's First Town Council - 1892

I happened to notice one of the volumes of the Annapolis Royal Town Council Minutes that are held by the Annapolis Heritage Society Archives earlier today. Since the American elections seem to be the topic of the day, I thought that I would take a look to see if there was any interesting information on early Annapolis Royal elections. On page four of the first book I found a list of the candidates and results for the first mayoral and council elections for the Town of Annapolis Royal. For those wondering, Annapolis Royal traces its origins to the founding of Port Royal in 1605 but, the town was not incorporated until 1892. I have transcribed part of the section of the book concerning the 1892 election.

Today's photograph is of the current Annapolis Royal Town Hall as it looked circa 1930. This is obviously not the Town Hall that would have been used by the council elected in 1892. This building was built in 1922 to replace the Town Hall on St Anthony Street that was destroyed in the 1921 fire.

All for now,

That the nominations for Mayor and Councillors recorded in response to the foregoing notice on Tuesday the 13th Day of December were as follows.

For Mayor
H.E. Gillis Esq. Nominated by C.D. Pickles, A.M. King, Geo McLaughlin & others
J.M. Owen Esq. Nominated by J.P. Edwards, Revd R. McArthur, R.M. Walsh & others

For Councillors
Charles McCormick Esq. Nominated by R. Withers & M. Buckler
Robert L. Hardwick Esq. “ “ C.D. Pickles & A.H. Riordan
Anthony H. Riordan Esq. “ “ R.J. Uniacke & A. Blackie
Arthur M. King Esq. “ “ J.E. Crowe & Walter McCormick
Eben M. Anderson Esq. “ “ J.M.C. Ritchie & G.S. Bishop
Charles Munro Esq. “ “ Wm. Malcolm & Donald McKay
Wm. M. deBlois Esq “ “ R.J. Uniacke & A. Blackie
Wm. Malcolm Esq. “ “ T. Buckler & McDormand
C.D. Pickles Esq. “ “ W.J. Shannon & A.M. King
J. Herbert Runciman Esq. “ “ Alex Blackie & Donald McKay
H.A. West Esq. “ “ Wm. M deBlois & A.M. King
W.J. Shannon Esq. “ “ Wm. M. deBlois & A.M. King

On Wednesday the 21st day of December AD 1892 the day appointed by the Governor and Council the said Returning Officer did hold an Election in the Court House in the town of Annapolis Royal and that at said Election H.E. Gillis and J.M. Owen were Candidates for Mayor and the number of votes cast for H.E. Gillis were 112, and for J.M. Owen 53 giving majority for H.E. Gillis Esquire of 59 – And a poll was also held on said date for the election of sic Councillors and the votes cast were as follows: -

Charles McCormick 128 –
Robert L Hardwick 113 –
Anthony H Riordan 111 –
Arthur M King 107 –
Eben M Anderson 88 –
Charles Munro 79 –
C.D. Pickles 73 –
Wm Malcolm 70 –
Wm deBlois 62
J Herbert Runciman 58
H A West 55
W J Shannon 43

Whereupon the Returning Officer declared the six first named Councillors elected and H.E Gillis Elected Mayor....

Records – Town Council
Town of Annapolis Royal
Volume 1
November 1892 to December 29, 1909
Page 4

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