Saturday, November 13, 2010

Enjoying Autumn

Today was an absolutely beautiful autumn day. In the grand scheme of things, if I were allowed to plan the weather for this time of year I would ask for exactly what we got today. While the air was a bit cool, it was nowhere near as cold as it can be in mid November. I even saw someone walking up St George Street in Annapolis Royal wearing a pair of shorts. While the shorts were perhaps pushing matters a bit to the extreme, I do appreciate the attempt to preserve the warmer weather a bit longer. Throughout the day the skies were a beautiful blue with hardly a cloud to be seen. Top things off with a bonfire enjoyed by kids and friends and it was an ideal autumn day.

Earlier in the day when I was trying to make the most of the weather, my old friend (pictured below) and I decided to tromp around the edges of our property to see what was to be seen. The late fall is an interesting time to take pictures because most of the flowers have died and the colourful leaves have fallen from the trees. There are still interesting pictures, but you need to look more carefully once the bounty of the summer is gone.

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  1. Pretty! It has been so foggy here for the last few days I have barely been able to see the tree in my front yard.