Saturday, November 20, 2010

The First Snowfall

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. After all, this is Nova Scotia in November so we really should have been expecting a bit of snow. For some reason it always seems to hit me as a surprise. Yes, I have noticed both the temperature and leaves dropping. I have also recently take the opportunity to put snow tires the car. Even with preparation and forethought, the reality of the first snow always seems to shake me out a some form of reverie. So, while it didn't amount to much, we have now had our first snowfall of the season. Because the ground is not yet frozen, the snow did not stay for very long. About a half hour after the snow stopped falling, all that remained was a wet residue, a cold breeze and a sense that winter is indeed coming.

While I was waiting for a group tour to arrive at the O'Dell House Museum, I decided that I should get a few pictures to document the first snow. As you can see, it was not a huge snowfall. It was just enough to make things slippery for a little while. Knowing that two years ago the snow was already knee deep, I will take our dusting and be happy. Once I make my mental adjustment to winter, I will actually be quite happy to have snow.

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