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List of License Fees - 1934

As the saying goes, there is a cost to doing business. If you were hoping to do retail business in the Town of Annapolis Royal in 1934, there was a clear list of license fees based on the type of products that you hoped to sell. From travelling shows selling medicine to mats, rugs and ice cream there was a license fee to be paid. As I look at the list, you can easily see that many of these fees were put in place for travelling salesmen. With the exception of taxi drivers, most of the fees only have a daily rate. In the hard scrabble, Buddy can you spare a dime days of the Great Depression, a $5.00 daily license fee was a significant sum of money. At the bottom of this post is a transcription of the entire 1934 list of fees charged to merchants and salesmen. The original list can be found in Volume 3 of the Annapolis Royal Town Council minutes.

While the photograph in this post is from a date earlier than 1934, there are three Annapolis Royal retail establishments shown in this archival image. George Corbitt's general store shares the building on the left with HA West's hardware and crockery store. On the ground floor of the building to the right was ME Messenger's dress maker's shop. These buildings were built in the 1890s and lasted until 1920 when they were destroyed in the fire that swept through the Lower Town. This picture was taken circa 1900. King's Theatre stands in this location today.

All for now,


Concert, Show or Play, accompanied by sale of remedies
(per day) $5.00
(per week) 25.00
Crockery and Glassware (per day) 5.00
(per year) 15.00
Clothing, Dresses, Dry Goods, DressGoods Cloth (per day) 10.00
Jewelry (per day) 5.00
Stationary (per day) 3.00
Books (per day) 5.00
Groceries (per day) 5.00
Hardware (per day) 5.00
Optical Goods (per day) 5.00
(per year) 25.00
Leather Goods of all kinds, (per day) 5.00
Mats and Rugs (per day) 5.00
Confectionery & Ice Cream (per day) 5.00
Sewing Machines (per day) 5.00
Musical Instruments + appliances
Organs and Pianos* (per day) 5.00
Radios 5.00
Other Machinery, including automobiles (per day) 5.00
(per year) 25.00
Novelties (per day) 5.00
Enlarging Pictures (per day) 5.00
Photographs (per day) 5.00
(per week) 10.00
Furniture (per day) 5.00
(per year) 25.00
Auctioneer (per year) 5.00
Medical Remedies & Applieances (per day) 5.00
Taxi Drivers (resident or non-resident ratepayers, per year) 5.00
(non-resident non-ratepayer per year) 10.00

Moved by Coun Price Seconded by Coun Banks, that the former schedule for licenses be cancelled and that the list just read be adopted by the Council in its stead.


*note: Organs and Pianos were crossed out on the original list

Town of Annapolis Royal Council Minutes Volume 3
Feb 13, 1923 – April 15, 1935
Pgs 680-681

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