Monday, November 22, 2010

Victorian Christmas 2010 - Decorating Part 1

A group of approximately 20 bright eyed volunteers descended on the O'Dell House Museum early this morning. This was the day where we attempt to bring various bags full of greenery together in an attractive and festive manner. This is perhaps the busiest day of the entire Victorian Christmas season. With pruning shears in hand our volunteers clipped, tied, wrapped and hung. Soon swags were hanging over the doors, paintings were draped with garland and the museum smelled like a forest. Just when the activity was reaching a frenzied peak, someone determined that the tea was ready and everyone sat down to a very pleasant lunch.

Once the laughter of lunch had subsided, the crew were quickly back to work. Two Christmas trees were put in place and cherished decorations were brought out of storage. By the end of the afternoon the museum was looking like it was indeed time for Victorian Christmas. The decorating fun will continue at a slower pace over the next few days. I will be making another trip to the woods to collect fir boughs because we did not quite have enough. By the time we open to the public on Friday evening we should be in full splendor. Thanks to all of our talented decorator elves who make this event possible.

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