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Annapolis Royal's Town Officers, 1930

Every town has individuals who are responsible for overseeing elements of our daily lives. My, it almost sounds like we live in a creepy, Big Brother type state when I write it that way. It gives me visions of a cold, unseeing hand auditing and evaluating my every move. Well, despite the fact that we are not really a totalitarian community, there have always been people needed to enforce bylaws and act on behalf of the Town.

On February 11, 1930 Annapolis Royal's Town Council appointed its list of "Town Officers" for that year. These individuals have duties that run from Health Officer and Fire Constables to various duties surveying and regulating wood and lumber production. I must admit that my two favorite titles are Salt Measurer and Fence Viewer. I am thinking of mounting a run for one of these positions if the opportunity presents itself. I long for the opportunity to hand our business cards announcing myself as the Fence Viewer. I have transcribed the 1930 list of officers at the bottom of this post.

Today's archival image is of the Fortier Lumber Mill as it looked in February, 1947. The mill was located beyond the end of St George Street in the lower town. If you look carefully at the center top of the image you can see one of the spans of the Annapolis Royal to Granville Ferry bridge. I am sure that this mill is a location which saw its share of wood and lumber surveyors.

All for now,

Town Officers 1930

Fire Wards: A.G. Herbert, K.P. Harris, C.C. King

Fire Constables: Kerr Merriam, T.B. Price

Wood Surveyors and Inspectors: J.M. Harris, J.T. Bateman, M. McMillan, Owen Orde

Hay & Coal Weighers: J.H. Edwards, J.K. Edwards, E. McDormand

Lumber Surveyors & Inspectors: Owen Orde, J.H. Edwards, G.B. Hardwick, Roderick Hardy, J.T. Bateman,

C.N. Whitman, K.P. Harris, Charles McClafferty

Salt Measurer: George Cummings

Pound Keeper: George Robinson, J.R. Wallace

Log Surveyors: Owen Orde, G.B. Hardwick, J.T. Bateman, K.P. Harris

Fence Viewers: W.E. Collins, George Wells, G.B. Hardwick

Assessors: T.M. Buckler, A.W. Banks, A.G. Herbert

Health Officer: Dr. L.B. Braine

Extra Constables: F.J. Miller, C.P. Goldsmith, Lloyd Berry, Thomas Robinson, Andrew Riley

Revisers of Electoral Lists: H.A. West, F.M. Dargie, F. Rutherford

Chief of Police, etc:

Town of Annapolis Royal Minutes

Book 3

Feb 13, 1923 to April 15, 1935

Meeting of February 11, 1930

Page 370

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