Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Fancy set of Wheels

This image from the AHS Archives just makes me smile. Can you imagine someone more excited than the little boy who woke up on Christmas morning to find his first set of wheels under the tree? I can see him frozen at the bottom of the stairs wondering if this fancy vehicle could really be for him. Quickly overcoming his momentary indecision, he bolts forward to touch his new tricycle. You can almost feel the happiness radiating through the years.

As evocative as this circa 1950 picture is, it leaves me with a number of questions. Were there shouts of excitement or tears of joy when the present was unwrapped? Had the young boy clipped an image of this trike out of a catalog and carried it around with him for weeks before Christmas? While the black and white image hides the detail, I am imagining that this is a fancy red tricycle with white trim. The image itself comes from the Shaffner collection at the AHS Archives. I hope that you find something as exciting as this tricycle under your tree.

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