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List of Granville Hearse Subscribers - 1859

One of the most interesting things about managing an archival collection is occasionally taking the time to look at some of the documents. I greatly enjoy delicately leafing through a journal created centuries before I was born. I adore the texture and colour of archival paper. More importantly, I love to be able to pick up odd nuggets of information on my forays into the archives. Honestly, I would love to have more time to leisurely browse through our archival collections but, that may need to wait for some far off retirement.

One archival fonds which I find particularly interesting are the minute books of the Granville Hearse Society. Founded in 1859, the Granville Hearse Society were a group who came together to purchase, operate and maintain a hearse. This hearse served the residents of Granville Ferry, Stoney Beach, Lower Granville and parts of the Bayshore. Essentially, this was a co-operative founded to operate a service that would otherwise have been difficult in this community.

One of the terrific aspects of these minute books is that they occasionally give lengthy lists of the subscribers to the Society. These are the residents who have paid their dues. For a genealogist this is a wonderful primary resource which, until this moment, has not previously been published. Not surprisingly for the times, all but one of the names listed are male. The lone female in the list is Martha Fowler who contributed 60 cents. The contributions themselves run between $2.50 and 25 cents. While this may seem like a fairly small sum, we must keep in mind that a salary of $1.00 per day would have been considered a fair wage at the time. With inflation that $1.00 would currently be worth somewhere in the range of $175 to $200.

By the way, the archival image of a hearse at the top of this post is not the Granville hearse. This particular vehicle served the residents of Bridgetown and the image is part of the Samuel Newton Weare collection at the AHS Archives.

All for now,

Names of persons who subscribed to the hearse with amount subscribed.

Lloyd Delap .50

Joseph Hardy 1.00

Thomas Delap Jun. 1.00

James Shafner Sen. 1.00

William Shafner .50

John Healy .50

James Shafner Jun. .50

Isaiah S. Delap 1.00

Charles Parker .50

William H Fowler 1.00

Thomas Delap Sen. 1.00

Joseph Roblee 1.00

William Delap .50

Silas Littlewood 1.00

James T Thorne 1.00

Thomas Roblee .50

James Roblee 1.00

John Littlewood 1.00

Frederic Spencer 1.00

John Roblee 50

Benjamin L Winchester 1.00

James Winchester 1.00

Alfred Winchester 1.00

Robert Delap Sen. .50

Wiswell Winchester .75

Guilfred Delap 1.00

Laurence Delap 1.50

John VanBlarcom 1.00

David Delap .50

John Kennedy 1.50

William McKinzey 1.00

William Blaney .50

Joseph McKinzey .50

David Sproul 1.00

William Fowler .50

Ebenezer Sproul 1.00

Daniel Kennedy 1.00

Joseph W. Hall 1.00

William Winchester 1.50

Soloman Farnsworth Sen. 1.00

Cornelius Bogart 1.00

Weston Hall 2.00

James E. Reed .75

Henry Hall .75

James E. Farnsworth .50

Whisman Armstrong 1.50

John E. Reed 1.50

Joseph D. Halfyard 1.00

William Oliver 1.00

Moses Hall .60

John E. Bath 1.00

John Shafner .50

Stephen Hardy 1.00

Aaron Hardy 1.00

Robert Murphy 1.00

Charles Hagerty 1.00

John Corbet 1.00

Alexander R.Cumming 1.00

Charles H. Halfyard 1.60

Martha Fowler .60

George McNeal .50

Oldham Armstrong 1.00

James Cumming 1.00

Robert Delap 1.50

Edward Letteny .50

Samuel Pickup 1.50

Isreal Lettney 1.00

William H. Gilliatt .50

George F. Nevil .50

William A. Parker .50

Wesley Amberman .50

John H. Robinson .50

Jeremiah Gilliat .50

Walter Willet 2.50

William Weatherspoon 2.50

Alfred Troop 1.50

Samuel Hall 2.00

Job Wade .50

George Smith .75

Paul Amberman .50

William Sweet .25

Henry Wagstaff .50

Robert Mills 2nd 2.00

Benjamin Reed 1.50

David Amberman .50

Edward Wright .50

John Mills 2.50

John Johnson 1.00

Richard Collins .50

William Lettney .50

James Halladay 1.00

Joseph Tomlinson .50

David Inglis .50

Edward F. Dunn .50

James A Halladay .50

Reed Hall 1.00

Michael Collins .50

Robert Chute 1.00

Robert Weatherspoon .50

James H. Gilliat .50

David Weatherspoon .50

William Collins .50

Harris Wright .50

Fletcher Reed .50

F.L.B Vroom .50

George T Bingay 1.00

Walter W. Mills .50

Robert Mills 1st 1.00

James Weatherspoon .50

Daniel James .50

William Inglis .50

Jeremiah Lettney .25

David Mills 1.00

John Amberman .50

Joseph Dunn .25

William Fash 1.00

James Litch 1.00

Mannassah Litch 2nd .75

John Litch 1.00

Thomas Dickson 1.00

Ebenezer Clerk 1.00

Samuel Sproul 1.25

John J. Woodworth 1.00

Mannassah Litch 1st 1.00

Alexander Turple .75

William C. Woodworth .75

Alexander McKinzey 1.00

Stephen McCaul 1.00

John McCaul 1.00

William Reeve 1.00

William Roop .80

Isaiah Sproul 1.00

Stephen John .80

Cornwell Anderson 1.00

Alexander Clerk .80

Andrew Clerk .80

Stephen Anderson 1.00

George Key .50

William Longmire 1.00

William Halladay Jun .80

William W. Halladay 1.00

William Halladay Sen. 1.00

William Milner 1.00

Jonathan Milner .50

Thomas Milner 1.00

Cyrus Hardy .75

John Weatherspoon .25

John Milner .50

Joel Edgett .50

Christopher Halladay .25

Abner Foster .50

Gilbert Wade .50

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