Monday, December 13, 2010

The Spray Wagon

Well, this has been an interesting post to write. I started it one day and, after writing a couple of sentences, we lost power and we have been in the dark for the next 24 hours. Those of you murmuring that I have been in the dark for years can just stop that chatter. You may be right but that does not add anything to the conversation. On the positive side, I got to use some of our camping equipment to make coffee, bacon, eggs and toast on side burner of the BBQ. Desperate times... well, moderately desperate.

Now, back to the original post. Occasionally I come across an archival image that almost leaves me dumbstruck. That is the way I felt when I first saw this image taken by Sidney Payne (1882-1964). Mr Payne worked for the Dominion Entomological Laboratory on Grange Street in Annapolis Royal. In addition to scenes taken in and around Annapolis Royal, his photographs chronicle many of the activities of the lab. The AHS Archives have images showing differing types of plants damaged by insects as well as some marvelous contraptions which were used to spray fruit trees.

Based on the clothing, I feel safe in assuming that the apple trees are getting a fairly strong spray. Both the men and the horses are wearing protective clothing. Under magnification you can see that the gentleman in the rear has a cloth tied over his mouth. Sadly, the poor horses were not accorded the same privilege. I would be interested in learning what exactly they were spraying.

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