Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bringing Annapolis Royal with me.

As I mentioned in my last post, I have spent the last week in Charlottetown dealing with some family issues. A practical problem posed by this trip was figuring a way to take photographs of Annapolis Royal for my Project 365 photography challenge. How could I get images of Annapolis Royal if I was not physically in the area? Looking around the O'Dell House Museum's gift shop I noticed a folk art miniature made by Jeff Langstaff. This model featured three Annapolis Royal buildings (Runciman House, Queen Anne Inn and the Court House) plus a generic gold coloured house. The idea quickly dawned on me that if I could not take pictures in Annapolis Royal that I could bring a piece of Annapolis Royal with me. With a smile on my face I stashed the model in the car and hit the road.

Over the course of a week I was able to take the model to a number of different locales around Charlottetown. I was able to get a picture in front of the PEI Legislature and the Charlottetown Farmers Market. The model also posed with a statue of Canada's first Prime Minister and a giant cow. On a particularly stormy day I decided that the most representative picture was a close-up in a snow covered lilac bush. While I am very fond of Charlottetown, after a week on my own I was happy to get a final picture of the road home.

All for now,


  1. What kind of mind thinks of this!? Good work.

  2. Excellent idea! Hope everything with your family is ok.