Thursday, January 27, 2011

Into each life some snow must fall

It was another wild and snowy day in the Annapolis Royal region. Heavy wet snow started falling through the night and most of the town was shut down by morning. Luckily, I had thought ahead and sent a number of files to my home computer at the end of the day Wednesday. This allowed me to work from home until, as it often does when the weather turns nasty, the power went out. Teach me a lesson for having the temerity to try planning ahead.

With a sigh of "oh well", I decided to head outside to shovel some snow and see if I could find a photograph or two. Tromping through knee deep snow I was able to find a few images in addition to today's Project 365 selection. The two indoor images are of a pierced lantern of the sort that we sell at the O'Dell House Museum's gift shop and a close up of some of the snow accumulated on our window. The lantern was called into service when the power still had not come back on after shoveling.

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