Sunday, January 23, 2011

Not Quite the Image of the Day

So far I have been having some fun with our Project 365 Annapolis Royal challenge. If you have happened to miss one of the earlier posts on this topic, a handful of people in Annapolis Royal are each trying to take and post a new photograph every day for a year. At a minimum, we will have an interesting pool of some 1500 images of Annapolis Royal at the end of the year. This is also a good opportunity to see if we can look at our community in a fresh way every day and to hopefully learn from each other.

One of the things I have learned early on is that there is about a 10 : 1 ratio of the photographs that I take to what eventually gets posted as my image of the day. Admittedly, not all of the images work but, there are some images that I have a difficult time not selecting as the image of the day. This collection of pictures were, for one reason or another, not selected as my favorite image for their particular day. I had a lot of trouble not selecting the cow with the tongue because this image amuses me a great deal. Some of these topics I may revisit as the year goes along and some may never offer quite the same image again.

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  1. I love this, but I must say it emphasizes that I am feeling cold right now. I know Texas, is not really cold, but wet cold affects me no matter where. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.