Monday, January 17, 2011

The Scallop Fleet at Rest

It seems that I drive by the scallop draggers tied up by the Annapolis Royal Causeway at least twice a day but, rarely do I take the opportunity to stop and take a picture. I frequently see tourists snapping pictures from this vantage point. They hop out of their car and dodge the oncoming traffic as they attempt to get to the waterfront. Since I am usually on my way somewhere I don't tend to stop to admire the view although I do slow down for the visiting photographers. As I was crossing the causeway this evening, I saw the sun setting over Granville Ferry with the boats in the foreground and figured this would be a good opportunity to stop.

Most of these boats are still part of the active Bay of Fundy scallop fishing fleet. They travel up the Annapolis Basin and through the Digby Gut to get to their fishing grounds. During the winter they will often return to this location to shuck their scallops in the relative tranquility of the Basin. This is a peaceful scene for some very hardworking boats.

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