Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Three Vessels

It has been a while since I have indulged my interest in Annapolis Royal's Age of Sail. There is something about the romantic image of sailing vessels that keeps drawing me back to this subject matter. So, with visions of sailing through the Digby Gut to explore the mysterious ports of the world in my mind, I decided to go looking through the Annapolis Heritage Society's archival collection.

What I found was an image of a barque, a brig and a smaller vessel (which is most likely a schooner) at various wharves along the Annapolis Royal waterfront. By the way, the barque is the large three masted vessel in the middle with two sets of square rigged sails. The brig is to the right with only one of its three masts having square rigged sails and the schooner is to the left with only fore and aft rigging.

This image of the Annapolis Royal waterfront was taken circa 1895. Even under magnification the detail is difficult to make out in this photograph. I can see the old Post Office building standing between the bowsprits of the vessels on the right side of the image. This building was built in 1890. To the left side of the barque in the middle, the ferry slip is still in evidence and seemingly in good shape. On the shore beside the ferry slip are stacks of cut lumber which look like they will soon be loaded onto the barque. I wonder where this lumber from the woods of Annapolis County eventually found a home.

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