Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Annapolis Royal Airport

Let me have your imagination for just a moment. You are standing at the airport. It really does not matter what airport so it could even be a faceless amalgamation of various airports you have known. You have made your way through security screening and cursed that you had your nail scissors confiscated. Making you way to the gate you hear an announcement saying "this is the final boarding call for flight 221 to Annapolis Royal". You shake your head in wonderment that little Annapolis Royal has an airport.

Well, if this were 1933, the most far fetched part of the previous scenario may be the existence of security screening and the loss of your nail scissors. On July 1, 1933 the Annapolis Royal Airport opened on the marshland of the French Basin. Part of this site is now submerged under the water of the duck pond. The airport featured two 1600 foot runways laid at right angles. Imagine the excitement of the people of Annapolis Royal as the first plane rumbled across the grass runway. This was the future taxiing across the marshland that Acadians had reclaimed from the water some 250 years before.

Despite the optimism, the Airport unfortunately never took hold as a viable commercial venture. After a few years of use the airport quietly ceased operation. The images in today's post come from the AHS Archives' Shafner Collection.

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