Monday, February 28, 2011

Late Victorian Men - Part 3

Last spring I wrote a short series of posts featuring portrait photographs from the late Victorian period. Since it has been a while since I visited this topic I figured that this cold and rainy night would be good time to dip into the big bag of Victorian portraits. To quell the obvious alarm rising in the minds of my archival brethren, let me assure you that this is a metaphorical bag of portraits. All of these portraits come from the Annapolis Heritage Society archival collection.

I quite honestly enjoy these images. The faces are familiar yet the clothing and hair styles are wildly different from what you would expect to see on the streets of Annapolis Royal today. Admittedly, I would be thrilled to see an impressive set of mutton chops walk through the door at the O'Dell House Museum but, I am not expecting it any time soon. Nevertheless, there is an appealing dignity in these images.

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