Sunday, February 27, 2011

Not Quite the Image of the Day - Part 2

If for no other reason Project 365 has been useful in forcing me to get my camera out to take some pictures on days I may have easily decided to leave it in the bag. In some ways I find that I pay more attention to the scenery around me when I know that, at some point in the day, I need to snap a few pictures. I have found myself scouting out potential locations and mentally filing them for a time when a photograph does not naturally present itself. By the end of the year I may need to call upon these locations. From a perspective of documenting the ongoing activities of Annapolis Royal the more pictures and locations the better.

I have equally found myself amassing a collection of images which have not been used as the 365 image of the day. Thankfully there is a blog to soak up some of these excess pictures. These are not necessarily bad pictures but, for one reason or another, were not selected for their particular day. In some cases I have actually liked one of the culled images more than the selected image but, the actual 365 image may have been more representative of what was happening in the Annapolis Royal area on that day. In other cases I may have used a similar photograph in the official list already. The collection of images in this post were taken during the month of February.

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