Friday, February 4, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect - Granville Ferry

Through the years I have taken a lot of pictures of Granville Ferry. I really do mean a lot of pictures. I am guessing that the only single subject I have photographed more frequently would be my children. Part of the reason for these repeated images is that I am confronted with this view on an almost daily basis. When I arrive at the O'Dell House Museum in the morning, this is the view when I get out of my car. As I come and go from the building through the day, I cannot help but notice what is going on across the water. When I finally click the lock at the museum and head for home, it is the twinkling lights of Granville Ferry that I see as I drive away.

While the availability of the image is part of the reason I keep taking pictures, it is far from the only reason. If I was getting out of my car and looking at a cement wall every day I can promise that I would not be taking its picture. The view of Granville Ferry is in a constant state of change. Between the sun, tides, wind, waves, clouds, sunsets and seasons, this is an ever shifting image. I have frequently seen an interesting opportunity for a picture and by the time I have retrieved my camera the scene has shifted to something altogether different. Although the framework of water, mountain and houses stays the same, the details are always changing.

Of course the most simple reason for repeated photographs may be that this is an absolutely stunning view. This collection of Granville Ferry photographs have been taken since the start of 2011. As you might suspect, this is just a sampling of the images of this scene that I have taken this year. I wonder if this is the onset of an obsession?

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  1. thanks for posting these pic's! i grew up in granville ferry. the house i lived in is in one of the pic's.!i still miss it back east:)