Thursday, March 31, 2011

Not Quite the Image of the Day - Part 3

Another month has passed and I have been busily snapping photographs for our Project 365 challenge. So far things are going well. Three months have passed and I have not yet missed a day of taking and posting an image. There have indeed been a couple of days where I have struggled to get a good picture but, for the most part they have worked out. There have also been a few of the images that have strained to meet the Annapolis Royal criteria that we had established but, hopefully I have been able to provide a spin that makes the questionable images palatable.

The images in this post are some of the images taken during the month of March that did not get selected as the image of the day. As in previous months, I sometimes had a very difficult time choosing which image was the single image for the day. With the exception of the bottom two images which were taken at Ross Farm Museum, the remainder of this collection was taken in the general Annapolis Royal area. The locations range from the Tidal Generating Station and Fort Anne to a luncheon at St Luke's Church and the Victoria Beach Wharf. Do you think that you can name all of the locations?

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