Friday, March 25, 2011

The Queen's Luncheon

Earlier today I attended a luncheon to raise funds toward sending Queen Annapolis Royal, Carrie Murray, to the Queen Annapolisa pageant at the Apple Blossom Festival. In addition to being a genuinely nice person, Carrie has been a student employee and volunteer at the Annapolis Heritage Society so I was very happy to be able to support her in this effort. The actual effort was made much easier by having a delicious lunch prepared by Paula Buxton of Leo's Cafe. I consider eating chicken breast stuffed with sun dried tomatoes and goat cheese and a triple chocolate mousse for dessert to be a fairly easy contribution toward a good cause. Add to this the chance to chat with some folks from around the community and I would call this a successful event.

Our speaker for the luncheon was Stephen McNeil, leader of the Nova Scotia Liberal Party and MLA for Annapolis. His topic for this event was his mother Theresa McNeil. While I never had the opportunity to meet her, Theresa McNeil casts an impressive shadow in our community. If being the mother of 17 children was not enough, after the unfortunate death of her husband in 1973, she made her way into the workforce to support her family. A few years later she was appointed as the first female High Sheriff in Canada. To this day her portrait hangs in the Annapolis Royal courthouse. She is possibly the only non jurist or member of the Royal family to hold this honour. Stephen held the audiences undivided attention as he told stories of the good work that his mother has done and her kindness of spirit. She definitely is someone whose life should stand as an inspiration.

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