Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Routes to your Roots

I am pleased to announce that the O'Dell House Museum / AHS Genealogy Centre Routes to Your Roots video was launched earlier today. If you remember as far back as October, a couple of people from the Council of Nova Scotia Archives arrived to record a video. Phil Neville, who is seen staring very intently into the camera, and Susan Gilson had the enviable task of traveling around Nova Scotia to record short videos at each of the archives participating in Routes to your Roots. Perhaps not as enviable was the task of piecing together all of the flubbed and outtakes If you have not yet seen it, this is an excellent resource for those looking to research their Nova Scotian ancestors.

The video, which uses the late Jeanne Doucet Currie's l'Ordre de bon temps as the theme song, opens with some of the scenery around Annapolis Royal. As we cruise down St George Street, we are taken to the O'Dell House Museum. Here we take a look at the exhibit rooms before heading to the Annapolis Royal Court House to see the AHS Archives. After a review of the archival and genealogical holdings of the Annapolis Heritage Society we see some additional scenery and fade into the credits.

Thanks to the Council of Nova Scotia Archives and the Province of Nova Scotia for this production. In case you missed my more subtle link above, the link to the video is HERE. Let us know what you think.

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  1. Hi Ryan. Susan and I both had an amazing time! We had hours and hours of amazing footage of Annapolis Royal. It was an impossible task to choose what to include in your video because there were so many great sights. Love the blog!

  2. Hi Ryan, looked at the map and the Historic Gardens has moved almost into my back yard! I don't want those tourists wandering through my back yard. Ha ha. Just thought I'd mention it before Trish saw it!

  3. Thanks Jane,
    I see that the Sinclair Inn Museum is also floating off in the middle of upper St George Street. It is the Province's map so I will see if we can get it fixed.