Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Snow

Ok, I can take a joke as well as the next person. Depending on who the next person is, I may even be able to take a joke better. Quite honestly, snow on April 1st is not funny. It is not mirthful, snicker inducing or even clever. After a long winter and a groundhog in Shubenacadie who promised that winter would be over early, snow on the first day of April is almost mean. Just yesterday I had the windows and doors open at home so we could let some of the stale winter air blow out of the house. Today we were back to sealing up the windows and watching helplessly as the snowflakes fell. By this time in the year, I would like to wait about nine months until I hear the term nor'easter again.

If this were an early winter storm it actually would have been quite pretty. Big, lazy snowflakes were falling gently to the ground. Sadly it was not appreciated today. The first four images in this post were taken at 11am when the snow had just started to fall. These show the Annapolis Royal Wharf and Granville Ferry from the O'Dell House Museum's parking lot. The final image was taken from Riverview Drive looking over the Allains River marsh at 5:00pm. Looks like the landscape is back in with for at least one more day.

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