Saturday, April 30, 2011

Court House Magnolias

For a number of years there has been a concerted effort to plant magnolias around Annapolis Royal. A group of diligent enthusiasts has raised the profile of the plant within the community and they have popped up on many public and private properties. Obviously, the most diverse collection is at the Historic Gardens but, magnolias are found throughout Annapolis Royal.

One of the more interesting groupings can be found in front of the Annapolis Royal Court House. Located at the main intersection of the community, this is a prime location to see the flowers. Earlier today I took a few minutes to get some pictures while the blooms are at their peak. The backdrop of the 1837 Court House makes this a very appealing location for taking pictures. I am quite fond of the ones that feature blossoms with a faded image of the building in the background. If for no other reason it is worth stopping for the opportunity to stand in the middle of the blooming trees. The smell of the flowers is almost overwhelming.

The Court House is also an ideal location to see magnolias if you have qualms about walking onto someone's private property to see flowers. Another option for seeing the blooms would be to take part in next weekend's Magnolia Festival. There are events including garden tours, a rare and unusual plant sale, magnolia talks and tours. You may even catch me pouring wine for the Wine and Magnolias event at the Historic Gardens on Friday evening.

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