Sunday, April 17, 2011

Faerie Houses Part 3

Another Saturday and another crop of faerie houses have appeared in Annapolis Royal. This week the faerie folk have colonized the O'Dell House Museum, the old train station and a tree in front of St Luke's Church. They have actually become a bit more declarative by leaving a couple of tiny signs that read "Do you believe in Faeries". I was interested to learn that they are using the older, and honestly more interesting, spelling of faerie rather than fairy as I had used. I have decided to go back to the previous posts and amend the spelling.

Once again there is a mixture of hanging and land based houses. They have also created a festive circle of mushrooms in front of the museum. Until I hear differently, I am going to refer to this as mushroomhenge. I was also impressed with the house built in front of the museum. With a large shed dormer on the roof and an entry portico featuring columns and a pediment, the faeries have clearly been seeing and adapting at some of our traditional Annapolis Royal building styles. While the origin of these houses remains a mystery, they are fun to find on Saturday mornings.

All for now,


  1. mushroomhenge are really faerie rings.They are the gateways into faerie kingdoms, or places where faeries gather and dance. But be careful not to step inside then as the faeries can the capture you and take you away to there kingdom. And a word to the wise if do you get taken away never and I mean never eat or drink any thing in there kingdom because of you do you will be stuck there for ever.

  2. Oh my, I wonder how this faerie ring will affect the museum's insurance?