Monday, April 25, 2011

Faerie Houses Part 4

Another Saturday in Annapolis Royal and another visit from our faerie folk. I am actually starting to look forward to Saturday mornings, not only for the Farmer's Market, but to see where our creative faeries will have built. This week they were back at the Historic Gardens for another round of building. I have heard that a more urban crew has taken up residence by the Home Hardware building but, I have not yet had the chance to investigate this sighting. If you are interested in seeing any of the houses, Trish Fry has taken the time to load GPS coordinates for each of the sites.

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  1. Faerie Musings,
    I will keep my beliefs to myself on this subject matter,(please refer to last statement of this post)...but I do come from an area of Nova Scotia where Faerie Lore is as active as it can be in a modern age. However contrary to what most people would consider of "am daonie beagan" (The Little Ones), Faeries are not the helpful little characters that are commonly portrayed in modern media. All I will say, according to what was related to myself, is that you may want to becareful with what gifts you leave. The only helpful Faeries in stories I have heard of were those that knitted the "Brattach Sith" (spelling, as I am a speaker not a speller), I can not remember the family name but if this "Brattach" (Banner) is flown many men will come to your aid. Another stark warning is to not dis-believe the faeries as they will prove their existance in the worse way.
    Just thought you should know.