Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ghosts of Fundy

Today was the long anticipated launch of the book Ghosts of Fundy and Fatalities of the Sea by Frank Taylor. Since I know how much effort that Frank has put into compiling this book over the last decade, I was very happy that we were able to give this book a proper launch at the Port Wade Community Hall. For years Frank has been bringing me excerpts of the book, interesting things that he has found in his research or the odd question. In turn, I have tried to pass along articles of stories of interest as I stumble across them. After years of dogged collecting, I was glad that we could have this launch in a room filled with Frank's friends and family. I must admit that I was also quite impressed with the cake which bore the image of the City of Monticello as it slipped beneath the waves. This is the same image that is found on the cover of the book.

The book itself tells the stories of Bay of Fundy sailors who have lost their lives at sea. Additionally, you will find stories of local sailors who slipped beneath the water in foreign seas. If you are looking for copies of Ghosts of Fundy, they are available at the O'Dell House Museum for $35.00.

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  1. I have been researching my ancestors and today, set my mind to find out what happened to James Cole, Fireman, before the year 1901.
    I now know that he perished in the Bay of Fundy disaster. He left a wife and three daughters.

    1. Hello Darylann
      I just seen your question. Fireman, James Cole was lost at sea along with 36 other men and women. James body was found. The sinking of the Steamer "City of Monticello" was the ship he was on on the Nov. 10,1900 off the coast of Yarmouth. In my book "The Ghosts of Funday you will find 33 pages to her story as well the name of James Cole named a number of times. At the time of James Cole's death he was aged 31 years of age.

      Frank R. Taylor