Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Great Egg Hunt

In recent years the Saturday of Easter weekend has become one of the busiest days of the year in Annapolis Royal. The day is truly packed with activity. Everything began with a pancake breakfast with the Easter Bunny at the Legion. From there the activity turned to the Historic Gardens where, in addition to the Farmers Market, another crop of faerie houses has appeared. More on the faerie houses in another post. Events ranging from crafts and cookie decorating to a bike rodeo, geo-quest and an Annapolis Royal version of the Amazing Race spread out through the day. If asked, I would freely admit that my favorite part of the day is the egg hunt at Fort Anne National Historic Site. There is such a wonderful uncontrolled energy as the children burst through the gate and descend on the fort grounds. While the younger kids head to the parade square, the older ones run up and down the ramparts looking for eggs. It is somewhat like a miniature army arriving to plunder the fort.

A constant through most of the events was a certain large white rabbit. I was quite amused by the image at the top of this post because it appears that the Easter Bunny has its own security detail. I suppose if you are running around with baskets full of chocolate in the middle of a crowd of hungry children that there may be a certain degree of danger.

Whole hearted thanks and congratulations go to Paula Buxton and her crew of volunteers. They should be proud of this event and the place that it has quickly come to hold in the hearts of local children.

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  1. Great job!
    Our family enjoyed the breakfast at the Legion and the "amazing race" for eggs.
    Well done!