Saturday, April 2, 2011

Faerie Houses?

There are strange things afoot at the Historic Gardens in Annapolis Royal. I arrived at the Gardens this morning with plans of going to the winter Farmers Market. As a plug for the Market itself, the Gardens have been hosting the Saturday morning Farmers Market in their gift shop through the winter months. This is a wonderful way to get some fresh local produce, eggs and baked goods throughout the winter months. So, with visions of fresh fish and linzer torte in my mind, I made my way to the Gardens' entrance.

Before I got the the breezeway a couple of different people had asked me if I had seen the faerie houses yet. Answering no, I was told to take a look around the courtyard. With some confusion, I made my way toward the gift shop where a group of children were pointing at one of the flower beds. When I moved closer I saw a rather elaborate yet minuscule construction surrounded by some red toadstools. This was the first faerie house. From the looks of things this was the house of a woodland faerie since all of the materials used in the construction could be readily found in nature. Birch bark, pine combs, sticks and evergreen boughs were the construction materials. Looking around I noticed a number of other fairy houses.

With confusion racing through my mind, I made my way over to Trish Fry, the Gardens' Manager, to ask what was going on. In addition to being in a position of authority at the Gardens, Trish is the resident expert on all things tiny. I figured that she would know what was going on if anyone would. She told me that she was as surprised as everyone else. The houses had appeared overnight and nobody was sure where they came from. It seems that there is a mystery at the Historic Gardens.

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