Monday, April 18, 2011

Through the Sally Port

If I were asked to come up with a single iconic image of Annapolis Royal I would probably need to think for a few minutes. What image could represent Annapolis Royal and only Annapolis Royal? It would need to be unmistakable to those who know the community and yet provide some insight for those who do not yet know the area. When you think about the town, we have some very impressive scenery. From the large Victorian buildings on Upper St George Street to the Historic Gardens and the waterfront, there are sights that would easily make other communities jealous. The more I think of it, there is a scene that reaches the iconic status for me. This is the view at Fort Anne National Historic Site looking through the Sally Port with the Officer's Quarters framed in the tunnel.

As I look through the AHS archival collections, I see multitudes of photographs taken from this spot. This view of the Sally Port has been used for post cards, school photos, birthday parties, public festivities and many family vacations. I will freely admit that I have taken photographs of this view many times. There is something about the way that the three chimneys of the 1797 Officer's Quarters fit so perfectly in the frame that adds to the charm of the scene. Since the advent of photography, people just seem to naturally want to pose in this spot. In this version of the image, we can see some men playing a game of either cricket or baseball on the parade square. In this circa 1895 photograph you can see damage the the brick work that has been restored today.

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