Friday, May 13, 2011

Caught in the Act

Over the past few weeks we have been finding large sections of roof shingles torn off of the Sinclair Inn Museum. At first we were mystified as to what was causing the damage. It is certainly not normal for wooden shingles to suddenly deteriorate in large patches like this so, something external was causing the damage. Because water was getting into the building we had a local contractor put up a tarp and we hoped that this was a one time incident. Of course these things are never one time incidents.

Earlier today I was in the building and I heard the distinct sounds of a very angry animal. To be exact, I actually heard the sounds of an upset mother and a number of very small voices. I figured out where the noises were coming from but, not wanting to encounter an animal defending its young, I decided to go about my business and come up with a plan. I made my way next door to chat with Harry Jost who is a longtime member of our Sinclair Inn Museum Committee. Harry informed me that the roof had been damaged again overnight. Whatever this intruder was, it was decidedly unwelcome.

A little later in the day I was alerted that a raccoon was sitting on the roof beside the chimney. I arrived in time to see her pick up one of the babies with her mouth and crawl up the chimney and into the museum. If you look at the series of photographs closely you can actually see the baby in her mouth. I left the museum with our Halloween music playing and strobe lights flashing in hopes of making the place a little less comfortable. Hopefully she will decide that the neighbours are miserable and move the family to a new home. Knowing that this will probably not work, we are also trying to arrange for a live trap to relocate this family to a better home.

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  1. Very interesting. I was posting on the Nachi forum and you sent this link in your post. This is very similar to the damage seen on my neighbors roof. I think you may have solved the mystery.