Saturday, May 7, 2011

Faerie Houses Part 5

It looks like the Faerie folk have been back to Annapolis Royal again. Actually, they have been quite regular in their pattern of expanding their territory every Friday night. They have, in fact, been more regular than I have been since I have not photographed the houses which appeared at Bainton's Tannery and at the playground on lower St George Street last week. I did see photographs of these houses and I was once again impressed with the quality of their construction. This week houses have appeared at the Royal Bank, under the large magnolias at the Historic Gardens and at the Delap-Savary House on St. George Street. I did not know about those at the Delap-Savary house until later in the day so I have not yet had the opportunity to take a photograph.

I continue to be impressed by the faerie's ability to theme their construction to the to the type of business they are colonizing. Houses made of old leaves of books at the library, duct tape at the hardware store and now play money at the bank. Today's houses were also placed in a prominent spot under the large magnolias at the Gardens on Magnolia Festival weekend. Say what you will about our faeries, they are a creative lot who seem to be paying attention to events in town.

Over the last couple weeks I have seen a strange new being appear at the Farmers Market at the Historic Gardens. Having never seen a faerie before, I am not sure what physical form I should be looking for. I snapped a photograph of this creature in hopes that it may be one of the faerie folk.

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