Sunday, May 29, 2011

Historic Gardens Dinner & Auction

Tonight was the night of the annual fundraising dinner and auction for our friends at the Historic Gardens. This is usually a fun night with a great deal of community support for the Gardens. As always, the evening opened with various games of chance and a silent auction. Plant material and donations from local businesses were both the prizes in the games as well as the items in the auction. After a welcome by Peter Davies, the Annapolis Royal Town Crier, everyone sat down to a lovely chicken dinner.

Greg Kerr, Member of Parliament for West Nova was the Master of Ceremonies for the event as he has been for many years. Highlights of the auction always include Greg's attempts to read the Latin names of plants and his ongoing banter with auctioneer Blaine Henshaw. There was an unexpected twist this year involving Greg and a mannequin. Perhaps I should just let the picture tell that story.

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