Thursday, May 5, 2011

Not Quite the Image of the Day - Part 4

Another month has clicked by in our Project 365 challenge. Looking over images that I have taken over the past month it is hard to believe that we had snow in the beginning of April. Now that the flowers have started to bloom and the community is transitioning into its warm season mode, thoughts of snow are quickly receding into the back of my mind. I must admit that I like the juxtaposition of the snow at the top of this post and the flowers at the bottom. Bring on the warm weather.

Once again, this collection of photographs are those that were not chosen as the image of the day on their particular day. Project 365 continues to be an interesting challenge. It has been nice that Spring has brought a new palate of colours because I was tiring of shades of white, brown and gray. It has also been fun to try to look at the community with a fresh set of eyes every day. While it may be a truism, I have realized that you see a lot more details when you are looking for them. If you are interested, feel free to browse the pool of Project 365 images taken by our three photographers.

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