Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Visit to James House Museum

A little bit earlier tonight I was at James House Museum in Bridgetown to speak at their Annual General Meeting. In a mix up that seemingly only I could achieve, I had managed to get the date for the event wrong. I had arranged to have a wonderful presentation where someone gets dressed into a period costume and shows how each or the individual layers works. I have seen this presentation before and I know that it is a terrific way to learn little bits of history that I would never otherwise have even considered. This sort of presentation has given me a greater appreciation of historic clothing and I am someone who has work a costume off and on for at least the last 15 years. That was what was supposed to happen.

At about 11:30 this morning I called Fran Lourie, Curator at James House Museum, to confirm what time we were to be there tomorrow evening. After a pause Fran told me that we were expected tonight. This was my turn to pause. I knew that the lady presenting with me was not available tonight and our planned program had just fallen apart. After a short but uncomfortable silence I explained my problem to Fran. During that time I quickly calculated that I had about 7 1/2 hours to come up with some sort of presentation. Usually this would be more than enough time to prepare a short speech but, I had a couple of meetings mixed into my afternoon. I was having visions of standing in front of the audience with nothing more than a glib smile. Thinking for a minute, Fran suggested "why don't you talk about the stuff you do with computers".

Ahh, a possible solution to my problem. While I would not claim any large scale expertise in the world of social media, I am perfectly capable of discussing how the Annapolis Heritage Society uses social media and what benefits we derive from it. After all, I have at least been keeping this blog alive for almost three years. Some plants have not fared so well in my care. So, with the time between my meetings I was able to pull together some thoughts and a rudimentary power point.

All things considered, I think that the presentation went fairly well. I was planning to speak for about a half hour. After an hour and 15 minutes people were still asking questions and seemingly engaged in what I was saying. The photographs in this post are of artifacts at James House Museum. Made in 1901, this is perhaps the most beautiful rocking horse I have ever seen. The belt features Canadian regimental insignia from WWI.

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