Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Another Helping of Hamm

As part of the upcoming Heritage in Unusual Places festival, we will be holding a combined book launch and exhibit viewing at the O'Dell House Museum on Friday, June 10 at 8:00pm. Both the launch and the viewing feature work by the late poet and wood carver Eugene Hamm. For the better part of a year we have had an exhibit at the museum entitled From a Humble Block of Wood which features some of the multitude of carvings done by Mr Hamm. This week we are bringing out the remainder of the collection for a short showing we have dubbed A Second Helping of Hamm. For the remainder of the month of June the two front galleries on the second floor of the museum will be dedicated to the work of this impressive folk artist.

In addition to his carvings, Eugene Hamm was also a prolific poet. During his life he published 22 volumes of poetry plus a children's book entitled Wanderina. Members of Mr Hamm's family have gathered unpublished material written toward the end of his life to produce a new volume called "Last Words". Friday night will be the official launch for this book. Please join us for this celebration of the talents of a very creative and highly productive individual.

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