Sunday, June 12, 2011

Heritage In Unusual Places - Highlights

It has been a busy Heritage in Unusual Places weekend in Annapolis Royal. We have had tours, concerts, opportunities to meet local craftspeople and a few surprises. Since I have been in program delivery mode, I have not really had the opportunity to digest all of the events. We had a very successful launch for the most recent book of poetry by the late Eugene Hamm. "Last Words" is a collection compiled from previously unpublished manuscripts. Combined with a new section of our Eugene Hamm wood carving exhibit, this was a nice celebration of his life and talents.

Saturday saw the introduction of Wilfrid Cartier, a new character created by the Annapolis Heritage Society. Portrayed by Isaac Keoughan, Cartier is a combination of traveling medicine show and gentle history lesson. This weekend he was selling peace, order and good government but, I believe that suffrage and the temperance movement are in his future.

After this weekend one thing is for certain. I have decided that I need to write a full post on Jon Gray at some point in the future. Jon's shoemaking shop was one of the open house destinations in today's schedule. I was truly impressed by the quality and beauty of the shoes crafted by Jon. The images in this post were all taken this weekend. When I get a chance to gather my thoughts I will post a more complete review of the weekend.

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