Sunday, June 5, 2011

Heritage In Unusual Places

I am doing something that I rarely do with this blog but, it seems to be the appropriate treatment to introduce this topic. Next weekend will be the inaugural Heritage in Unusual Places festival in Annapolis Royal. There is going to be a full weekend of heritage based activities taking place in many different locations around the community. While I don't usually include a press release in the blog, it seems to capture some of the spirit that we are hoping to create with Heritage in Unusual Places. A PDF of the full schedule can be found in the hyperlink at the top of this post. As the week goes along, I will doubtlessly be giving additional information on individual elements of the weekend. By the way, thanks should be given to Jim Todd for the great artwork for the festival.

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Have you ever experienced Heritage in Unusual Places? This will be the question as a new festival is unveiled in Annapolis Royal from June 10th to 13th. While Annapolis Royal has a reputation as a heritage-minded town, there are still some stories that are not told on a regular basis. “People are quite familiar with coming to a museum to learn about their heritage” says Ryan Scranton, Executive Director of the Annapolis Heritage Society. “While we love to see people come through our doors, we are not the only keepers of heritage in our community. Heritage also resides with the traditional trades and craftspeople, with musician, story tellers and other caretakers of our intangible history”.

The Heritage in Unusual Places Festival will feature opportunities to experience heritage in places people do not normally think to look. A handful of guided tours will provide peeks into forgotten elements of the Annapolis Royal region’s history. These tours will explore the history of fires in Annapolis Royal, the secrets of the Granville Road, the Bay of Fundy shore and the horticultural heritage of our region. There will also be opportunities to visit facilities like the Annapolis Royal Boat Haul-up and John Gray Bespoke where fine handmade shoes are crafted. These are prime examples of people who make their living using traditional skills and techniques.

“We will also be introducing a new character to the streets of Annapolis Royal during the festival” said Scranton. “We have created a person called Wilfrid Cartier who we are calling an ‘Uncle of Confederation’. He will be making a number of spontaneous appearances through the weekend but, the plan is to have him become a regular feature in Annapolis Royal this summer”. Patterned somewhere between a traveling salesman and a carnival barker, Cartier, who is played by Isaac Keoughan, will be selling various historical concepts. “During the festival he will be trying to sell Peace, Order and Good Government but, we plan to have him branch into temperance, women’s suffrage and other topics as the summer progresses”.

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