Thursday, June 2, 2011

Soccer at Fort Anne

While there are many things that make living in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia interesting, I must admit that there are still occasions that I am left in disbelief. Tonight was one of those occasions. Because the regular soccer field at the high school was waterlogged, tonight's practice was held at Fort Anne National Historic Site. Where else would a children's soccer practice be held in the middle of one of the country's most significant historic landscapes? There we were in the middle of the Parade Square surrounded by the glacis painstakingly built by soldiers so many years ago. Instead of the noise of guns and military drills that would have once graced the Fort grounds, the sounds that we heard tonight were those of excited children.

Tonight's photographs remind me of some of the historic images of Fort Anne that are held by the AHS Archives. These black and white images show people playing cricket and baseball at the Fort. While the choice of sport has changed, it is very nice to see the Fort still used as a venue for community recreation.

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