Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Staff Training

On an early morning toward the end of last week I piled into my car with the Annapolis Heritage Society's summer employees for a trip to Freeport. With a Coffee in my hand, we made our way through Digby and headed down the neck. While it would have been nice to spend a day of exploring Digby Neck and Long Island, ours was a trip of education rather than edification. We were on our way to the Digby Annapolis Museums Committee (DAM Committee for those who enjoy a good acronym) summer staff training day. When we pulled onto the boat at the appropriately named East Ferry, we met the staffs from the Admiral Digby Museum and the Annapolis Valley McDonald Museum. Together we made a convoy down the length of Long Island to Islands Museum Archives in Freeport.

We have organized this combined training session on a number of occasions through the years. The general idea is to provide our summer employees with a day where we can discuss topics like deportment, artifact handling, a history of the area, and how to handle research requests. The benefit of a combined session is that we can draw upon the combined experience of all of the Curators in the room. This type of training day also allows the students to meet some of the other people who are spending their summer working in a local museum.

In the top image you can find the AHS summer staff for 2011. Alisha McCorriston, who is sitting on the left, has just begun her while Isaac Keoughan is now in his second summer. You will be able to find these two working at the O'Dell House Museum, Sinclair Inn Museum as well as in the AHS Genealogy Centre and Archives. Please pay us a visit to see if the lessons from this training day had their intended effect. The remainder of images in this post were taken in East Ferry while we were waiting for the boat.

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