Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rehearsals at the End of the World

It has been a busy few weeks around the Annapolis Heritage Society. In addition to our normal summer activities, we have been busily preparing a new piece of historical fiction to premiere on the O'Dell House Museum's backyard stage. The latest in our very successful Tales from a Tiny Perfect Town series is entitled "Naked at the End of the World". Like our other plays, this one takes certain truthful elements of our local history and winds a fairly elaborate tale. Playwright Kent Thompson as woven an intricate plot involving a shipwreck, a duel, the Duke of Wellington, cross dressing, painter Francisco Goya, a tea party and elements of historical fact. While I am close to the product, this may be the funniest play that we have yet mounted.

While I was originally scheduled to have a role behind the scenes, it appears that my natural talents (as a ham) have risen to the surface. I now have a non-speaking role. They can try to keep a muzzle on me but, I will make my presence known. This has meant that my evenings, already filled with children's soccer, have been further filled with nightly rehearsals. Sadly, this has meant that my blog updates have been somewhat less frequent.

Our image today shows Isaac Keoughan as Major Joseph Norman. Trapped in a bombastic marriage, Major Norman has been drinking to forget his troubles. Sadly, his troubles only increase when he stumbles upon two wet actresses (one dressed as a soldier and the other in a blanket) in a waterfront warehouse. Things deteriorate when his wife, supposed former mistress of the Duke of Wellington, comes looking for him.

Showtimes and locations

O'Dell House Museum
July 31 at 2pm,
August 1, 7, 14, 21 at 7pm

Rebekah Hall - Bear River
August 13, 20 at 7pm

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