Sunday, September 25, 2011

Children's Printmaking Workshop

Today was the day of the final children's art workshop at North Hills Museum for this season. After having the opportunity to paint portraits and sculpt clay busts earlier in the summer, today was a day of printmaking. Instructor Wayne Smith gathered the children in the museum so they could see a few examples of prints in the North Hills collection. After a short chat about how etchings and wood cut prints were made in the museum were made, we retired to the studio (garage) to get to work on our own prints. Wayne demonstrated to the children (and parents) what we would be doing. He then gave us the task of finding an item on the museum grounds that we could draw. At this point, children scattered to locations around the property so they could find something to draw. After about 20 minutes, and a few flying chestnuts at the front of the museum later, we reconvened in the studio.

When we managed to get everyone gathered and sitting, Wayne showed us how to transfer the images onto a thin styrofoam sheet. These sheets became our engraved printing plates. When this phase was finished we brought out the paint. Considering the number of children running around with paint, this was very controlled chaos. The children each got to roll and press their images six times. There were more than a few ooohs and ahhhs as the prints were revealed. All of the children seemed to have a great time.

If you would like to see some of the artwork created during these sessions, there will be a display at ArtsPlace in Annapolis Royal from October 2 until October 8.

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