Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lequille: Chronicle of a Community

On Saturday (October 1, 2011) the Annapolis Heritage Society will be launching the book "Lequille: Chronicle of a Community". This book, the work of Ruth Ritchie and Denise Rice, tells the history of this community on the outskirts of Annapolis Royal through the stories of the people, buildings and interesting bits of information they have collected. I was lucky enough to see the proof copy of the book this afternoon. It is an impressive looking tome that is filled with photographs and stories. I look forward to being able to take some time to see what stories they have collected. I did notice that there was an image of a hosta in the book which I can only assume is the work of Denise who has an impressive collection of these plants.

Now, for the particulars and details. The launch will be held at Denise Rice's House (52 Cape Road) in Lequille. The event runs between 2pm and 4pm. Copies of the book will be available at the launch for a cost of $20.00. After the launch the book will be available at the O'Dell House Museum.

The image in today's post is the engraving of the General's Bridge in Lequille by William Bartlett. Very generally speaking, the General's Bridge was near St. Alban's Church in Lequille. The engraving shows a Mi'Kmaq encampment with the bridge in the background.

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