Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Haunting Afternoon

It was a haunting afternoon at the O'Dell House Museum. To be more precise, it was an afternoon of putting the pieces of a haunting in place. With the help of seven grade 8 students from Annapolis Royal Regional Academy and a couple of volunteers, we spent the afternoon decorating one of the O'Dell House Museum's exhibit rooms for a Halloween exhibit. It was a great deal of fun to work with the kids and, I will freely admit, that I have never seen people more thoroughly enjoying artificial spider webs. I would like to offer our thanks to our helpers.

In many ways this exhibit is an extension of the upcoming Haunted House at the Sinclair Inn Museum. Last year we had access to a couple of interesting artifacts with ghostly histories but, for the safety of the artifacts, we felt uncomfortable exposing them to the unpredictable Haunted House. These artifacts, a rocking chair and a cradle, are both mentioned in the iconic "Bluenose Ghosts" by Helen Creighton. In the coming days I will try to write a little bit more about each of these haunted artifacts.

This exhibit is also an opportunity to display some of the more macabre artifacts in the Annapolis Heritage Society collection. The wicker body box has already become a central part of this exhibit. I must admit that I don't remember the extra appendage the last time we had this on display.

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  1. Love "Bluenose Ghosts" by Helen Creighton! I look forward to the posts about the rocking chair and cradle.

    I'm also a big fan of "Bluenose Magic" and it's incredible collection of folk remedies which made it very clear that sometimes the cures were far more horrific than the causes.