Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lequille Book Launch

For the first weekend of October, this seemed to be a very busy weekend in Annapolis Royal. Thankfully, this weekend's lineup of events will provide me with fodder for the blog for the next few days. From an Annapolis Heritage Society perspective, one of the key events of the weekend was the launch of "Lequille: Chronicle of a Community" by Ruth Ritchie and Denise Rice.

The launch took place at Denise's house on the Cape Road in Lequille. Since I had been out on the Photowalk earlier in the day, by the time I arrived at the event I was somewhat rain soaked. Despite my dampness, I was given the job of welcoming people and introducing the guest speaker. Reg Ritchie, Warden of the Municipality of the County of Annapolis, lifelong resident of Lequille and husband of author Ruth Ritchie shared some of his memories of growing up in Lequille. He told some very interesting stories of life in a rural community where "there were sometimes more mealtimes than meals". One of the things that was very clear was that this was a community that has historically been very supportive. Once Reg was done, he handed the final word over to Ruth who spoke on behalf of both authors. She discussed some of the process in researching and writing the book and thanked everyone who made contributions. After the formal remarks the authors signed copies and people mingled and chatted.

If you are looking for a copy of "Lequille: Chronicles of a Community" they are now available at the O'Dell House Museum. Congratulations to Ruth and Denise for this fine contribution to our local history.

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