Friday, January 6, 2012

A Heritage Meeting

This morning I attended a combined meeting of the Town of Annapolis Royal and the Municipality of the County of Annapolis's heritage advisory committees. While I have been a member of the County's committee for about 5 years and an adviser to the Town's committee since it was reformed a few years ago, there had not previously been a combined meeting of these two groups. I was very happy that Chairs Peter Davies (Town) and Marilyn Wilkins (County) had the foresight to call a combined meeting. In an region like ours with a limited population and limited financial resources, it makes sense to see if there are areas where we can cooperate. An ongoing flow of information between these two bodies is also something beneficial to all heritage minded people in our community. For our initial meeting we listened to a presentation on changes to the Provincial Heritage Property Act, and had a discussion of ways the groups could collaborate in the future. Hopefully this is the start of a strong new relationship on something that is of importance to both municipal units.

The image in this post is obviously the Officer's Quarters at Fort Anne National Historic Site. When I left the meeting and drove down St George Street the light reflecting off of the snow in the fort grounds caught my eye. I parked my car and walked back to get a few pictures of this iconic building. In a less tangible part of our community's history, you can see that someone has already been sliding on the rampart in front of the building. This has been a winter sliding destination for generations of local children.

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