Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project 7x52 - Week 1

As I mentioned in a post earlier this week, my Project 365 photography challenge has come to a successful end. Three of our local shutterbugs managed to capture an image every day during 2011. As the project was coming to an end, our local photographers started searching around for a new photography challenge. We all agreed that another year of taking a photograph per day was more than we really wanted. After some discussion we decided upon a new sort of challenge for 2012. We are calling this Project 7x52 because the idea is to collect seven images per week for each week of the year. Now, the question we have been asked is "how is this different from a Project 365?" The answer is actually fairly simple, we do not need to take each of the images on separate days. If we find some inspiration all of our images can be taken at the same time. If inspiration is slower in coming we can take the images leisurely throughout the week. The new project seems to have taken hold and we have been joined by some additional photographers. Since some of the photographers are not from the Annapolis Royal area we have created the new Project 7X52 group to accommodate everyone. Annapolis Royal images will still be uploaded to the link at the top of this post.

To add a new dimension to this year's project, we have decided that each week would have a theme. The themes are left entirely to the choosing of the photographer. The addition of a theme should make this year's project more blog friendly so I will try to keep my weekly activities updated. My theme for week one was "Old and New". This seemed like an appropriate choice as we were sweeping out the old and ringing in the new this week.

1. New bud on a rhododendron Nova Zembla at my house.
2. Rusted handle and hook on the old outhouse door on my property.
3. The front dormers on the new Langstaff House on Chapel Street. This is the newest house in Annapolis Royal with the owners taking residence around Christmas.
4. Granville Ferry with the first snow of 2012.
5. The remains of last year's apple harvest
6. One of the restored front windows at the Sinclair Inn Museum. This actually manages to be both old and new.
7. The 1797 Fort Anne Officer's Quarters.

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